LOCKDOWN VEXATIONS LIVE streamed for 26 hours, 42 minutes and 45 seconds for Erik Satie‚Äôs 154th birthday, 17th May 2020 starting at Midday and continued until 840 repetitions were played, randomly selected from a playlist of 76 contributions by different people, recorded during Covid-19 lockdown, April-May 2020. #LockdownVexations. WATCH ROUNDS 305 TO 380 – INCLUDINGContinue reading “SATIE’S 154th BIRTHDAY LIVE STREAM”

The first Live Stream – trivia

Lockdown Vexations went live on youtube for the first time on Erik Satie’s 154th birthday – 17th May 2020, starting at 12h00 GMT… continued for 840 repetitions which took 26 hours, 42 minutes and 45 seconds. Info about the live stream, a list of participants and some extracts HERE Some nerdy facts about this firstContinue reading “The first Live Stream – trivia”