The first Live Stream – trivia

Lockdown Vexations went live on youtube for the first time on Erik Satie’s 154th birthday – 17th May 2020, starting at 12h00 GMT… continued for 840 repetitions which took 26 hours, 42 minutes and 45 seconds.

Info about the live stream, a list of participants and some extracts HERE

Some nerdy facts about this first randomised live steam…

Contributions from musicians came from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Orkney, Greece, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Norway, USA, The Netherlands.

As instigator of the project, a couple of weird coincidences… I started the stream as the first performer, AND I played cycle number 666 😈

On cycle 404 – the pianist was ‘off shot’ and missing.

I noticed that live streaming on youtube creates a slight delay on the video, so it slips out of sync with the audio. Programmer Matt Olden made an adjustable delay system for the audio to bring it back into sync. The duration of this delay was 840 milliseconds!

76 videos were contributed, which means each one played an average of 11.0526315789473684 times…

Six cats appeared in various forms – each one for an average of 11.0526315789473684 times… One of the cats is actually called ‘Eric Catie’.

Vexing cycles / Saties age … 840 / 154 = 5.4545454545454545454545 (recurring)

I’ll add to this….

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Interested in interdisciplinary artworks. Currently working with video, sound and live performance and usually in collaboration with other artists.

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